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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

still buzzing today i must have the biggest smile on my face, and when people asked if i was proud i answered yes! the only thing i am frustrated about is when people ask how much more have you got to lose? i have not set a target and i wont be until way down the line, i have never been thin so i dont know what i want to be, my friend set her target last night at 11st she said she was always this weight and felt happy at that, i have nothing to compare to as i left school at 16 in a size 24 clothes, never knew what weight i was.
for breakfast i had 2 poached eggs, 2 bacon tomatoes and 1 slice of toast (heb), an apple and pineapple
for lunch i had a uncle bens rice time sweet and sour
for dinner i had spinich and ricotta canneloni with mixed leaf salad and tomotoes and beetroot
snacks of wotsits (5) blue ribbon (5)
after work i braved the gym not been since sunday after collapsing did 5k on treadmill then swam 72 lenghs
very busy with private cake orders this week, this is when i stress out and eat the off cuts, have brought loads of fruit which im going to cut up and have next to me whilst i do the cakes to stop me picking so fingers crossed it works!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

hello 8.5 stone award

just in from weigh in and i am buzzing, lost 3.5 this week which i set as a goal last week and got my 8.5 stone award. and to be honest its the first time i have felt like i had achieved something amazing, this is in 37 weeks. i have struggled until not to be proud as i feel i shouldnt have got to 27.8 to start with and couldnt see why people were saying they were proud of me when i am not of myself, but as i set it as a new years resolution i am trying to be as possitive about it and writing that down here is really helping, so tomorrow when i go to work and i get half the store coming to ask how i got on and they say are you proud i will say yes i am!
i have spoken to someone in our group who is a nurse about the dizzyness and she says what a few of my twitter friends said and that it was blood sugar levels, as i have lost so much weight so quick its my body adjusting to the changes and the exercise as i did go for it last week, she advised to eat (healthily) every 2 hours and i did that today and feel great.
i have set myself a goal to lose 4lb this week as i have got a mini goal of 12st in 12 months so i need to lose 3lb a week at least to achieve this
my after weigh in treat is a sandwich, as i have said before bread is my downfall so i dont have it all week, as soon as i get off the scales i have a m&s count on us chicken sandwich my friend sits there and has a bar of chocolate!
off to bed now if i can sleep im on such a high right now :)
also got slimmer of the week again!

Monday, 9 January 2012

another 5am start at work today i had to make donuts while this sounds like an amazing job believe me you get sick of them! i stuck to plan and had none, for breakfast i had a muller light, raspberries grapes an apple and pineapple, after work i went for a swim, avoiding the gym after what happened sunday, i swam 72 lenghs as i got out i had a dizzy spell and had to sit down until it passed, its starting to worry me now as thats 2 days in a row, but have had some great advice and tips from my twitter friends and i am taking them on board, im not a dr person so if i can get to the bottom of this than i will!
for lunch i had a tin of weight watchers hearty vegetable soup (heb) a banana, then had a 4hr afternoon nap!
just had my dinner as i watch the arsenal v leeds game im a big arsenal fan, i had tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot and sweetcorn, im trying to eat more fish and the most adventurous thing i have is a tin of tuna (its a bit better than a fish finger), i have tried cooking salmon but the smell makes me heave so any tips for what to do/try i will be grateful dont like it looking or smelling like a fish!
as well as working as a baker i have my own cake business from home making wedding/birthday cakes, this week is a very busy week for me so i am off now to write a plan of action, have weigh in tomorrow night so will blog after that,

Sunday, 8 January 2012

last nights meal out didnt quite go to plan, my friend didnt want a nandos so we went to toby carvery, had turkey with veg, no potatoes and a little gravy, felt good for not needing to fill my plate with greasy roast potatoes and massive yorkshire pudding, my friends ordered puddings and i refused one, went to the toilet feeling good that i was in control, when i returned the waitress came over with a slice of cheesecake with a candle in it as they sang happy birthday, wasnt impressed! felt like i had to eat it they kept saying it is your birthday enjoy it, so now gone from in control to feeling a failure. lost loads of money at the dogs and came home went to bed with the hump!
today was my first day back to work after a week off, i work as a baker and start at 5am, was not looking forward to the 4am alarm going off after going out last night! today my job was making bread, it varies everyday and the worst thing for me to do is confectionery as i seem to have to eat things as i make them just because it is there, if i am on bread i cant eat raw dough, got through the day without having anything naughty, i get up at 4am cant eat at that time in the morning and breakfast break was not until 10am so i take a banana in with me to have to stop me looking for something naughty to get rid of hunger, at breakfast i had an apple, satsuma, muller light, some pineapple and a slice of brown toast no butter with tinned tomatoes, this is the only thing in the canteen thats not dripping with fat. used to sit there with 2 sausage sandwiches and they deep fry the sausages,
after work i headed to the gym for my usual gym and swim. i went on the treadmill and did a 5k as i stopped and got off i blacked out and fell to the floor, its all a bit of a blur but as i opened my eyes there were 8 people all around me with a woman pouring water over my head and tapping me on the face, i sat up and was  take into a room and told to lay on the bed with my legs up, i felt so embarrassed how can i go back there now! i think i may have over done it this week as it was my week off and i went everyday doing a 5k on tread mill, 8k on bikes, a spin class and 72 lenghs swimming, maybe this was my body telling me it was too much.
went home and had turkey and veg. had my usual afternoon nap and now im sitting writing this eating a treat of a bag of mini cadburys animals 5 syns, going to watch crap tv and have an early night ready to do it all tomorrow!
i thought i would put on a before pic too so here it is

Saturday, 7 January 2012


have spent the past few days clearing out my wardrobes getting rid of the old me to make way for the new clothes, i put on a pair of 32 jeans and as you can see from the picture they were a bit big! i am keeping this pair and the shorts and tshirt i wore to my first weigh in, today i am a size 20 jeans.
also sorted out my certificates as i did have them on my fridge but i have too many and dont want them to get ruined by my niece and nephew so i have put them up in my bedroom.
for breakfast today i had half a honeydew melon, raspberries blueberries and a muller light, i had some pineapple mid morning as a snack and for lunch i made some turkey and ham wraps which i found on the slimming world website, these are great because i have a problem with bread, 2 slices of nimble is not enough and causes me to want more so the wraps are made with meat salad and cous cous i didnt eat all there i made enough to keep for tomorrows lunch too

i am off out to nando's and the dogs tonight with friends, i always have the butterfly chicken breast no skin and  no marinade as i cant take the spice im a wimp!! with a mixed leaf salad, not drinking as i had a 2day hangover last weekend so another 100 percent day from me!

Friday, 6 January 2012

new year

this week i lost 3.5lb and won slimmer of the week and have set a target to lose that again to get my 8.5 st award so i am being really good and gone back to re read the books
its my birthday today im 31 and as i sit here and write this i have had no syns, that is how focussed i am to get that sticker!! from tomorrow i will be updating this daily with what i have eaten, recipes, and maybe photos!
im not good at writing so please excuse the poor spelling/grammer ect

where do i begin?

i dont have many people i can talk to about feelings and this sort of thing so i have decided to write this to get things off my mind, i will start with a quick look back to how my journey began
i have been a big girl all my life and it has never really bothered me enough to want to do anything about it, when i left school at 16 i was wearing a size 24 tuesday 27th april 2011 was the night of my first weigh in, i drove me and my friend to the class, chose one that was not near my house as i didnt want to know anyone there even though there is a group at the end of my road at the same time on the same night!, i sat in the car not wanting to go in my friend got out and i nearly drove away but i thought about what i really wanted and that was to have my operation. i went in my friend did all the talking and i dont remember much more about it just when it came to weigh in i thought i was going to break the scales, i never knew how much i weighed i wasnt expecting it to be 27st 8lb. i went away that night and stopped for my last ever donner kebab, only my family and friend knew i had joined so i had no pressure to feel a failure if i didnt lose anything.
first weigh in i got on the scales not expecting to lose anything as i had eaten so much and lost 11lb i was amazed  the weight just fell off over the next few weeks months
i have found the eating part easy its the mind games it plays with you i have struggled with, i didnt like the attention i was getting because people were noticing the weight loss, every week people began to ask how i had got on and i began to feel embarrased about how much i had lost and how much i still had to go and i didnt like people saying are you proud, no i wasnt proud of myself i shouldnt have got to that weight to have to lose it, im working on this and my new years resolution is to be proud and accept compliments,
that was the begining of my journey and on my weigh in 27th december i weighed in at 19st 8lb having lost 0.5 over christmas, in 36 weeks i had lost 8st (actually got it in 34 but put on 1lb the week before christmas) i am a size 20/22 jean 22/24 top.
i dont know what to write on here so if anyone wants to know anything about me please feel free to ask