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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

still buzzing today i must have the biggest smile on my face, and when people asked if i was proud i answered yes! the only thing i am frustrated about is when people ask how much more have you got to lose? i have not set a target and i wont be until way down the line, i have never been thin so i dont know what i want to be, my friend set her target last night at 11st she said she was always this weight and felt happy at that, i have nothing to compare to as i left school at 16 in a size 24 clothes, never knew what weight i was.
for breakfast i had 2 poached eggs, 2 bacon tomatoes and 1 slice of toast (heb), an apple and pineapple
for lunch i had a uncle bens rice time sweet and sour
for dinner i had spinich and ricotta canneloni with mixed leaf salad and tomotoes and beetroot
snacks of wotsits (5) blue ribbon (5)
after work i braved the gym not been since sunday after collapsing did 5k on treadmill then swam 72 lenghs
very busy with private cake orders this week, this is when i stress out and eat the off cuts, have brought loads of fruit which im going to cut up and have next to me whilst i do the cakes to stop me picking so fingers crossed it works!

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